Probate & Wills

We can help you in any Probate Court matter, including probating a will, filing a petition for year’s support, and more. Need advice on planning for the future? Want to create a will or trust that protects your assets for future generations? We can assist you in planning your future to accomplish your goals and desires.


We are fortunate in Georgia to have a probate process that is not overly complicated or expensive. That being said, it is still very important to have an experienced attorney to guide you through the probate process to make sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is to spend more time than you need to figuring out how to probate their estate. Whether you are named as the executor for someone who has died with a will, or are planning to seek appointment as an administrator for someone who died without a will, Paul Schofield can prepare, advise, guide, and assist you on what you need to do to handle your loved one’s affairs.

We also handle all other matters that might arise in probate, including petitions for year’s support. This is unique to Georgia, and allows a spouse or minor child to immediately receive payment from the estate in an amount needed maintain their standard of living for a year. In some cases, the entire assets of an estate can be distributed by this petition, making probate even simpler. To discuss this and all other probate matters, count on the experience of Paul Schofield to guide you.

Last Will & Testament

It is very important to have a plan in place for when you depart this Earth. A key to that is having in place a Last Will and Testament. Having a will means you have control over who receives (or does not receive) what when you do pass. Without a will, your assets will pass to your heirs according to Georgia law, and those who you wish to receive assets might not do so. Paul Schofield has years of experience in drafting last wills and testaments that are specifically tailored to your individual needs and wishes. He makes the process as simple and stress-free as possible, so that you can relax in knowing that your loved ones will be looked out for when you pass.

Probate Law

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