Do I Have Too Little Debt to File for Bankruptcy?

Every once in a while, I have a potential client ask me if they are eligible for bankruptcy since they may only have a mortgage or a car loan. Or they might be facing a lawsuit on their only major debt.  Is there a minimum amount of debt needed to file for bankruptcy?  The answer […]

What are bankruptcy exemptions? What can I protect in bankruptcy?

A lot of times new clients will ask me, “Will I lose everything if I file for bankruptcy?”  The short answer is no.  That is because in bankruptcy you will be allowed to keep certain property using exemptions. In fact, oftentimes will not have to give up anything that you own.

Can I File for Bankruptcy Again if I Have Already Filed Before?

Unfortunately, a prior bankruptcy might not have solved all of your financial issues, and you may find yourself needing to file again. Can you?

What to Expect at the Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

So you’ve made the call and set up a free initial consultation. Now what? When you first contact us, I will send you a bankruptcy worksheet and checklist of documents prior to your consultation.

How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

So you think you might need to file for bankruptcy, but you’re unsure about how to go about doing so? The most important step is getting an appointment with and talking to an attorney.

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