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Why Hire an Attorney?
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The Bankruptcy Code is complex, and loaded with requirements and deadlines that can easily be overlooked by a person not experienced in bankruptcy law. It may seem strange to pay for a bankruptcy attorney when money is already tight, but going it alone can be disastrous. It is not uncommon for an individual to lose their house or car in bankruptcy because they missed a deadline or filed the wrong paperwork. The Schofield Law Firm offers flexible payment plans so that you can afford to have an attorney on your side protecting your interests. (Did you know that in chapter 13 cases you can pay your attorney's fees through your plan often at no extra cost to yourself? The amount you pay under your plan the stays the same and the amount you would "save" by not using an attorney would instead be paid to your creditors.) Why gamble with your financial future? Call The Schofield Law Firm today at 912-275-7018.

Debt Consolidation Companies
You may have seen ads from debt consolidation companies telling you that you can eliminate or reduce your debt dramatically. Beware! Some of these companies are scams, and others may actually put you in a worse financial position. These companies typically charge you fees up front, and don't begin to pay your creditors until after they get paid. In addition, they can't stop you from being sued or having you home foreclosed. If you are considering using a debt consolidation company, strongly consider speaking with a bankruptcy attorney first. Paul Schofield will be glad to discuss the terms of any proposed payment plan before you sign it. Initial consultations are free, so why not call The Schofield Law Firm at 912-275-7018 to find out if debt consolidation is really in your best interests?

Bankruptcy Petition Preparers
Beware also of companies that refer to themselves as bankruptcy petition preparers. Although they may have experience in filing bankruptcy petitions, they often do not have a lawyer on staff or do not offer to represent you in court. After they fill out the documents, you're basically on you own. As noted above, attempting to navigate bankruptcy without an attorney can be very difficult. So while petition preparers might be cheaper in the short term, they may end up costing you in the long run.

Even if you think you can't afford an attorney, at least set up a meeting before taking matters into your own hands. At The Schofield Law Firm, consultations are free. If you decide to file for bankruptcy, we can work out a payment plan that works for you. Call 912-275-7018 to set up an appointment.