Tax Law

The tax laws are complex and ever changing. Having an experienced attorney by your side can be crucial.

If you have been assessed with a tax debt that you do not believe you owe, it is important to speak with a tax attorney to learn of your rights. Oftentimes tax notices come with strict deadlines for responding, meaning that ignoring it is never the best option. If you wish to dispute a debt with the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue, you will have several options, from settling that debt through an agreed payment plan or “Offer in Compromise,” pursing it through an administrative appeal, or by litigating it in Tax Court. While the IRS gets a bad rap, it will often work with you if you have a competent, experienced tax attorney by your side.

If you owe a tax debt that you cannot afford to pay when you file your return, you have the ability to set up a payment plan or enter into an offer in compromise with the IRS or DOR. Payment plans can be a good option for smaller tax debts that you need time to repay, since interest and penalties typically continue to accrue. If the tax debt is more that you can afford, an offer in compromise can help by allowing you to pay what you can afford over several years, after which any remaining balance is eliminated.

Do not hesitate to speak with a tax attorney as soon as you receive a notice that you cannot understand or do not agree with. Time is of the essence in tax matters. Call our office at 912-275-7018 to set up an appointment today.

Tax Law

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